guide_news.pngNow you can find a free downloadable compact guide, giving a general overview of SmartBeacon Management.

The article describes the need for SmartBeacon Management, demonstrates innovative ways to manage and control it efficiently, and shows how this can be achieved with BlueRange.

Also, there is a step-by-step instruction on how to set up your very own Beacon Management project with BlueRange and its components.

Beacon Management is considered a part of the Internet of Things. It has evolved through Apple's invention of the ibeacon protocol in 2013. Since then, and based on the protocol, many vendors have since introduced devices generally called beacons.

This class of mobile IoT device can be applied in numerous areas and for several different reasons to create interactions with other devices. Whenever a small or a large number of beacons are being addressed and information is exchanged, it is considered as “beacon management”.

Beacon Management is the core element to successfully managing and controlling one or many large beacon environments. These so-called Beacon meshes create and consume many interactions between beacons, other mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, and web-based platforms. 

The guide will be worked on and improved constantly and supplemented with additional scenarios and use cases for SmartBeacon Management.